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Astrology Forecast for April 2019 - All Sun Signs
Astrology Synopsis for April 2019
For the most part April could turn out to be quite fine. But, there will be a few problems:
  • There could be a few flare-ups around the first quarter and the full moons.

  • There could also be some subtle, subconscious issues boiling up, especially as we approach the end of April.

  • We may find ourselves being held back in certain areas, with three outer planets turning retrograde this month.

The Aries New Moon, on April 5th, will be a time to evaluate where we are and where we want to be. Aries loves to start new things, and we'll be far enough away from our recent Mercury retrograde to avoid any pitfalls with new projects. The New Moon will be making a weak square to Saturn. This could deplete our energy and increase our worries slightly.

Bad luck, low energy, and conflicts could haunt us from Tuesday, April 9th, through Saturday, April 13th. The Sun and Saturn will be squaring off, and Jupiter will be turning retrograde on April 10th. This could reduce our optimism, cause travel problems, and incite issues with authority figures. The first quarter Moon on Friday, April 12th, will likely bring up emotional concerns, especially because the Sun and Moon will create a T-square with Pluto. Our patience will be short and problems will be erupting through early Saturday morning.

But, the storms will clear and the celestial Sun will shine on us on Palm Sunday, April 14th. The Sun and Jupiter will align with the Moon to create a grand trine. This will bring opportunities, self-assurance, optimism, and an emotional balance with the people around us throughout the day.

The Libra Full Moon will occur on the morning of Good Friday, April 19th. This Full Moon will align with Uranus, the shocking planet. This could bring a sensual magnetism, but it may also include unconventional acts and thoughts. Mars and Ceres will also be at an opposition at that time that could encourage selfish behavior. If we're not careful, our words and actions could end up hurting people's feelings throughout Easter weekend.

The Lyrid meteor shower will be falling from April 19th through the 25th. The peak will be during the predawn hours of April 23rd. If you're out and about after dark, be sure to look up. You may get a chance to wish on a falling star.

Pluto will be turning retrograde on Wednesday, April 24th. So, a few days before and after could be passionate. We may also notice a decrease in our sex drives. As the Pluto retrograde passions wane, Mars and Neptune will be beginning their battle. This may encourage procrastination and laziness. It may also energize religious fanatics. Then as Mars and Neptune begin to wind down their conflict, Saturn will turn retrograde on April 29th. Saturn rules business and authority figures, and he likes to keep things organized. It will not be a good idea to sign any contracts a few days before and after Saturn's retrograde begins. It would also be a good idea not to break the law, so drive the speed limit.

Daily Forecasts

Daily Astrology Forecast from Sparrow Moon
Astrology Forecast for the Week of Apr 22nd
Apr 22nd Mon Astro: It will be a good day for work. Some will have a charismatic energy about them. Meteor shower before dawn tomorrow. #SunConjunctUranus #HappyEarthDay #LyridMeteorShower
Apr 23rd Tue Astro: It will not be a great day for calls and meetings under a void of course moon. Work alone, if you can. If not, stick to routine chores. It will be a great day for art lessons or getting financial advice. #VenusConjunctChiron #MoonEntersCapricorn
Apr 24th Wed Astro: Emotions could be sensitive today. And, some will overreacting. It will be a good morning for business. #PlutoTurnsRetrograde
Apr 25th Thu Astro: It will be a good morning for getting work done. But, we may lose our focus by afternoon. We may want to keep things quiet this evening.
Apr 26th Fri Astro: We will be ready for something different today. But, things could get a bit erratic. And, some will be lazy. Patience will be needed. Steady work will be the energy for tonight. #LastQuarterMoon #OrthodoxGoodFriday #MoonEntersAquarius
Apr 27th Sat Astro: We may find it difficult to get motivated this morning. But steady energy could manifest later. Stick to continuing projects, and save new ideas for Thursday. #MarsSquareNeptune #PassoverEnds
Apr 28th Sun Astro: Another void of course moon today, so stick to the routine. It will be a good day for meditation and contemplation. Our spiritual energy should emerge by late afternoon. #MoonEntersPisces